Assembled Products

Streamlined Assembly Solution Solidifies Leadership Position for Landis + Gyr


Landis + Gyr, a leading provider of integrated energy-management solutions, needed to streamline manufacturing on its residential electric smart meter to be first to market with a key technology.


Assembled Products, collaborating with Jason Incorporated, evaluated and completely developed the assembly process, delivering an assembly solution that reduced overall costs and raised quality control through engineering design, automation, and global sourcing. By partnering with Jason, we were able to deliver prototypes and production parts well ahead of schedule, allowing our customer to take a lead position in the marketplace.


Landis + Gyr first to market, firmly in leadership position

  • AP re-engineered assembly of more than 30 components, incorporating proprietary technology
  • Significantly reduced material content (30% drop in copper volume alone)
  • Combined 30 sub-components into one finished part, eliminating the accompanying overhead, logistics, and inventory
  • 100% automatic testing for quality and service simulation
  • Ongoing annual cost reductions of 5% through continuous improvements that address new market demands and maintain product’s lead market position

Product details: High-tolerance, metal-stamped components and complex assemblies, capable of interacting with smart meter communication device to relay energy consumption and mechanically disconnect power distribution. Delivered for “near just-in-time” supply to assembly operation in Mexico.

“Having AP coordinate and put it together saved us in terms of assembly time and shipping and handling costs.” Dan Majewski – Director of Procurement, Landis + Gyr