About Sealeze

Sealeze is a pioneering innovator in strip brush products that maximize efficient cooling in computer rooms, guide conveyor belts, shield industrial machine tools, seal openings in machinery and vehicles, and much more.

Our initial product was brush weatherseal, launched in the U.S. in the mid 1970s and now used in applications ranging from household and commercial doors to aircraft hangar openings. Its success spurred us to create leading edge brush solutions for industrial applications from transportation and military supply to farm equipment, material handling, printing, and electrical power generation.

We manufacture strip brush in the most sizes, filament types, and materials, including custom-formed shapes for specific applications. We lead the industry in quick delivery of made-to-order products. Customers rely on us for creative, cost-effective solutions backed by superior customer service and technical support.

Industry Segments Military supply, transportation, machine tool, material handling, computer room, farm equipment, heavy equipment, printing, electrical power generation, weatherseal, pest control.
Years in Business 30
Employees 55
Headquarters Richmond, Virginia
Manufacturing Plants
and Satellite Offices
Richmond, Virginia